Web Services

Odin’s Twitter Blaster™ – Wish you had more Followers on Twitter? Want to start Tweeting to Thousands of people? Then get a 1 year subscription for Odin’s Twitter Blaster and start getting thousands for less than  $30 $10 A Month (perfect for bands, authors, artists, small business owners, and non-profits)

Social Media Overhaul –  Wish you had more fans on Facebook and Twitter? Wish your site showed up on Google? Want to get more than the 5 of 6 people to your site a day? This package is the one for you it is a 3 in 1 package that Includes Odin’s Twitter Blaster! While other companies charge thousands to overhaul your websites media presence we do it for less for only $1800 $1000 we can give your site the boost in hits it truly needs.(great for any company that is looking for a big boost in hits and exposure! Great for any person, group, and company big or small)


Video Series

Wordpres 101 Do you have a great idea for site but you do not have the skills to make a website? Wish you could afford to pay a webmaster to create your site but they cost to much and your afraid they might not do a good job? Do not worry by the end of this video series you will have unlocked the hidden potential in you to create a breath taking website that get hits, people will enjoy, and you will be able to make it look like it was done by a professional!