My time as a Udemy Professor Part 1

Jun 3

I’ve been an instructor at Udemy for a little over a year I have seen many things and I’m here to tell you my experience with the company.

When I first joined back in June of 2015 I was excited at the idea of earning extra income by selling some of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years to students wanting to learn.

What I end up getting was a horrible system based on a company making profits off of my education and not paying me what I’m do. l mean there are some key instructors they have placed in their Facebook fan page to continue stoke the coals to tell you to continue to work hard at making more and more content for the company. The problem is these people are making over $3,000 a month all while you’re barely making a dollar.

So before I start to complain let me start at the beginning. I created my first course on network security the purpose of the course was to show people how to increase their network security at home or in their small business similar to ones found at Fortune 500 companies. The decision to make this class was I worked for several Fortune 500 companies and helped them implement different technologies to secure their networks. After doing some research and I found there are a lot of hackers out there; that are willing to cripple the home networks and Mom and Pop shops just for fun. The main reason is that average households network security is their home router that is more than likely running a out of date firmware. My hope was that my class would educate people so that they will be able to secure their home network. Also to make some extra money in the process.

At the time you Udemy allowed you to charge as much as $299 per class. So I decided because this class is about network security it should go for about $120. The reason for that is his most classes on Udemy that teach you how to setup Cisco Systems or Microsoft systems cost well over $200 so I figured secure your network $120 is a small price to pay to make sure that your internet is safe.

I made my videos and upload them to Udemy. The first problem right off the bat they said I needed a “talking head” in front of my videos. Because of the fact that my videos were let’s say not to their standards. So I had to research what is “talking head” and found that it meant that you would look directly at the camera and explaining what you’re about to do.

My issue with this is that my class was all screen captures so I had to re-record the beginning of my videos. I was mad that I had to do that but I thought “if this is a new policy then I can take extra time in fixing it”

After doing it the Udemy came back and said that my video quality is not the same across all videos. I did explain to them that I’m using a screen capture software with the same resolution across all videos and I pulled the properties of each one of my videos to show that everything was the same. They then said they wanted me to fix the video.

Not wanting to refilm my whole class I just changed the title of the video I uploaded it with no changes to the video quality and they accepted it proven that there was nothing wrong with the video!

Then they said that my microphone quality wasn’t the same across all of my videos they highlighted two or three videos that said that the microphone was not as clear as they would like it to be and they demanded that I re-record the videos. After reviewing their notes I found for me to fix the audio I would have to re-record all of the audio tracks.

So I did the exact same thing I rename a file re-uploaded it and they said looks like you fixed it we’re good to go. Again to be clear no change was made but they did them and me to make an update.

Now my class was flag ready to go live at $120 I created my first coupon to offer the class for half off anybody who is interested I posted it on different web sites and I sat back and I waited for the money to come in.

After a couple of months worth of sales I saw a increase of about 25 to 40% every month. I was pretty excited that all of my facebook ads, web ads, and word of mouth was working. Then in April they announced a price cut.

No class on their site could be more than $50. Within one month my profits dropped by 73%.

I wish I can say this is the end but it isn’t come back later next week where I go into part 2 of my time with Udemy.

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