My Time As A Udemy Professor Part 2

Jun 10

But I wasn’t discouraged after the first month and month after month I saw an improvement. Each month I made a little bit more money than the month before. I then published another class and I felt like I was on my way to becoming a full time Udemy professor just like so many others claim to be on their Facebook page.

The only problem was that my second course was a bust. While my first class was in IT the second class was about “how to get the job you always wanted”. At the time I created the class I figured it’d be a slam dunk. People would just sign up for it, but it wasn’t popular and then that’s when I went to The Udemy Forum on Facebook.

My hope was that one of the Guru’s there could help point me in the right direct so that I can start seeing sales. I was wrong!

After posting my question with a outline of my class I was meet with a lot of negative feedback. One of the person said that I was being selfish asking for money to teach people how to get better jobs. That I was what was wrong with the internet that good information such as my class should be given out for free.

When I tried to defend myself they went on to give me a lecture in Karma. That if I gave away the class it would be good Karma. Others criticized me for trying to charge $80 for a class that can help people get a job. That a class like that should only be $20 with a half off coupon because the world needs that “magic formula”. I continued to defend myself with facts that other teachers on the same subject matter charge $200 dollars, and online seminars on the same subject go for thousands.

To that line of reasoning they said “but you’re not worth that much so just give it away”. and that I can help the global economy by giving away my class if it is that good people will message you and send you cash just because you helped them out.

II then sat there and I contemplated on it and I like these guys are the professionals. I’ll listen to so I flipped the switch and I made the class for free I went from 0 enrollments to 852 in less than 3 weeks. I was excited to see that people would start using my class maybe people start getting reviews give me feedback from the people. After sometime I viewed the progress of the students of the class to find that majority of them didn’t even finish the first 20% of class. So I put the switch back and started charging $80. That good Karma they were talking about was all bunk. I didn’t get any reviews from students, nor did anyone tell me what they felt about the class.

February comes in and my other class was on fire. I was easily seeing a increase of about 40% every month in sales. Then I get a email from Udemy stating they were soon to go to a new pricing structure. I was excited because they said that this would guarantee more revenue generated for everyone and Udemy. Then I got to the part of the email where they said the max sale of each class from $299 to $50.

Already saw a small amount of money coming into my bank account every month for my class so I felt that cutting my evaluation in half for my security class would make it pretty much impossible to generate money.

So when the price change became offical I decided to make both of my classes $50 to get the most out of what the new system. The only problem is that their previous people who are very established on Udemy and now they are offering their classes from what used to be $299 to only $20 and they were making money hand-over-fist. So it seems I would make more if I dropped the classes to only $20.

I sat down I started pay for more Facebook advertising I made a couple sales here and there but nothing was at the same on a level that I was bringing home beforehand. In fact if you subject how much money I was making vs spending on advertising I was losing money.

I vent my frustrations on the Udemy Facebook fan page stating that they’re cutting the evaluation across the board of all the professors thinking that we can survive by making less money is crazy.

The funny thing is the tone of the fan page changed. Where it use to be people saying “you can easily survive off of this” and “this should be your full-time job” there mindset shifted. The same people on the fan page are now saying “think of it as a way to make extra money” or “It might not pay the bills but you can have some pocket money”.

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