Hello and welcome to our site Odin Spark might be a new company but we are far from new when it comes to creating awesome websites. For years we here at Odin Spark have worked on many different website projects, training modules, and setup several different types of technological advancements for our customers. It is only now that we have come together as one company to provide low priced videos to teach our customers how to do pretty much anything when it comes to setting up their sites. This brings us to the first question people ask us.

Why sell videos instead of offer our services?
Simple in today’s economy we know our customers are on tight budgets. Most of them do not have thousands of dollars to work on a website. So instead of paying a stranger to work on your website we will train you on how to create a site. Once you master this skill you could then go on to help creating other website and if you are good at it maybe you can make a quick buck or two.

So what companies have you worked for?
Our staff have worked for companies as big as Hewlett Packard and Kodak and as small as your local coffee shop. I know that seems like a lot but we would like to think of it that we can offer our customer Fortune 500 website training for a small business price.

Who have you studied under?
Well webmaster training isn’t cheap it takes up a lot of your time and money and every year we spend hundreds if not thousands on training so that we can provide you the best product you can get. Some of the people we have studied under is John Maxwell (author and Life Coach), Richard Jalichandra (CEO of Technorati), and Debbie Weil (author of The Corporate Blogging Book) just to name a few.

What is one of your greatest accomplishments?
Our flagship website My Morning Joe (mymorningjoe.com) we created that site a couple of years back and in less than 1 year we were able to pull in more than 1 million impressions a month. We then took the personal success of that site and paired it with our collective corporate experience to create Odin Spark!